Reverse osmosis high purity water equipment

Reverse osmosis high purity water equipment

Product Details

The process water used by pharmaceutical companies mainly refers to the water used in the process of washing, batching, refining and washing in the raw material production process. The name of water, such as deionized water, desalinated water and distilled water, should be avoided during the manufacture of reverse osmosis high purity water equipment. That is to say, the manufacturing process of water is decoupled from its name, but from a chemical and microbiological point of view, water is classified according to quality indicators (for example, according to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, purified water can be prepared in three different ways, and may be There will be a better way).

Water for injection is usually prepared by distillation of purified water (including reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration) with a chemical purity of 99.999% and no pyrogen. Since the preparation process of pure water is the same as that of distilled water for injection, the same multifunctional distilled water machine or a separate pure steam generator can be used, so pure steam is discussed together with water for injection.

Equipment process

Raw water → raw water booster pump → multi-media filter → activated carbon filter → water softener → precision filter → reverse osmosis → intermediate water tank → intermediate water pump → EDI equipment → purification water tank → transfer pump → ultraviolet sterilizer → microporous filter →Water point

Reverse osmosis high purity water equipment pure water standard

Reference to pure water standard reference pure water detection method

The definition of equipment secondary reverse osmosis:

The secondary reverse osmosis (RO) uses the water produced by the first-stage reverse osmosis as a raw material to purify the secondary reverse osmosis. The conductivity of the produced water is less than 3_u/cm. It has been widely used to drink pure water.

The reverse osmosis high-purity water equipment reverse osmosis technology is often used for pre-desalting treatment, which can reduce the ion exchange resin load by more than 90% and the resin regenerant dosage by more than 90%. Therefore, it not only saves operating costs, but also benefits the environment. Reverse osmosis water treatment technology cannot be realized by other water purification methods such as distillation, electrodialysis, and ion exchange.