Two-stage reverse osmosis equipment

Two-stage reverse osmosis equipment

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Two-stage reverse osmosis equipment process description:

The raw water is well water with high suspended solid content and high hardness. In order to meet the requirements of reverse osmosis, a machine filter containing fine quartz sand is provided to remove suspended solids, sediments and other impurities from the water. Adding scale inhibitor system can add scale inhibitor in time to reduce the trend of hardness and ionic scaling in water and prevent concentrated water structure. The precision filter contains a 5 micron hive-wound filter element to further remove hard particles from the water and prevent scratching of the film surface. The reverse osmosis device is the key desalting part of the two-stage reverse osmosis equipment. The single-stage reverse osmosis can remove 98% of the salt ions in the water, and the secondary reverse osmosis effluent meets the user's requirements.

Two-stage reverse osmosis equipment mechanical filter operation:

1. Exhaust: Open the upper exhaust valve and the upper inlet valve to deliver water to the filter to the upper exhaust valve for continuous water intake.

2. Washing: Open the drain valve and the upper inlet valve to make the water pass through the filter layer from top to bottom. The influent flow rate is 10t/h. It takes about 10-20 minutes until the drainage is clear and transparent.

3. Operation: Open the water valve to deliver water to the downstream equipment.

4. Backwashing: After the equipment is running for a period of time, the filter cake is formed on the surface due to the dirt interception. When the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filter is greater than 0.05-0.08 MPa, in order to keep the water flowing smoothly, backwashing should be carried out. Open the drain valve, backwash valve, bypass valve, and rinse at 10t/h for about 20-30 minutes until the water is clear. Note: After backwashing, the equipment must be cleaned before it can be put into operation.

Two-stage reverse osmosis equipment is widely used in the preparation of pure water and ultrapure water in industries such as electronics, medical, food, boiler feed water, space water, distilled water preparation and beer and beverage water purification; high pressure boiler feed water pre-preparation Desalination treatment; desalination and desalination of seawater and brackish water; processes for separation, concentration and liquid decolorization in pharmaceutical, textile, chemical, food and other industries; recovery and application of useful substances in aqueous solutions in industrial production; Separation process for the separation of bacteria, heat sources, colloidal particles and organic matter.

Process design of two-stage reverse osmosis water treatment equipment:

Raw water tank→source water pump→mechanical filter→carbon adsorber→scale inhibition dosing system→fine filter→first stage high pressure pump→first stage reverse osmosis unit→intermediate water tank→secondary high pressure pump→secondary reverse osmosis unit→finished product Water tank