Bulk water filling machine structure and filling
- 2019-05-18-

The vat water filling machine is a device for filling pure water/mineral water. It can also be used to fill distilled water and other non-pressure and room temperature liquids. The equipment combines bottle washing, filling, capping, capping and finished product delivery. The raw materials used meet the requirements of the food industry and other industries.

The vat water filling machine adopts AC380V/220V-50HZ AC power supply and programmable controller control system and pneumatic control system with stable performance, easy operation and simple maintenance. The whole process of washing, filling, capping and glanding is in the whole process. It is carried out in a closed tunnel to effectively prevent secondary pollution that may occur during the filling process of pure water and meets sanitary standards.

The structure of the vat water filling machine is divided into four parts: the washing part, the filling part, the programmable control part, and the pneumatic control part.

1, washing the bottle part

The washing bottle part is composed of a washing bottle transmission mechanism, a bottle holder, a medicated water washing water pump, a medicine water tank, a pure water washing bottle, a filling water pump, a washing bottle driving cylinder and the like.

2, filling part

The filling part consists of: push bottle cylinder, push bottle mechanism, bottle rolling path, filling valve, cover motor, cover mechanism and gland mechanism.

3, the electrical part

The electrical part consists of a programmable controller, an AC contactor, and a time relay.

4, pneumatic part

The pneumatic part consists of a cylinder, a pneumatic solenoid valve and a pneumatic control electric control box.

The working principle of the vat water filling machine:

The vat water filling machine is fully automatic controlled by the program, and its working process is as follows:


The cleaning bottle is transported by the bottle washing mechanism and falls on the push frame. Push the cylinder to push the empty bottle to the filling position. The filler port is aligned with the water bottle. Fill the solenoid valve to start filling. The filling time is adjusted by the user as needed.

2. Cover and gland

When the filling of the vat water filling machine is completed, the filled bottle is sent to the lid of the lidping mechanism by the next filling bottle, and the cap bottle is capped to the capping mechanism, and the capping cylinder presses the cap. At this point, a washing bucket, filling, and capping cycle is completed.