How to use and maintain the vat water filling machine
- 2019-05-18-

The vat water filling machine is suitable for small pure water and mineral water plant 5 gallon large bucket of pure water, mineral water bottle filling work (can also be used for other liquid filling), one station washing bottle, one station filling , a station gland. The vat water filling machine has the advantages of small footprint and simple operation.

How to use the vat water filling machine:

1, wash the bottle

First fill the cleaning water tank with water, insert the cleaning water bottle into the washing bottle position, press the washing bottle start switch, the device will automatically start the bottle washing work, and reach the set cleaning time (the user can adjust the cleaning time according to the water bottle pollution situation, After the electric control box is controlled by a time relay, the equipment cleaning work is stopped, and the filling station can be put into the filling work.

Note: When the cleaning water bottle reaches more than 60 or the water in the water tank is dirty, please replace the cleaning water in the water tank in time.

2, filling

Push the cleaned water bottle to the filling position by hand, confirm that the filling water inlet valve of the large bucket water filling machine has been opened, press the washing bottle start switch, and the device will automatically start the filling work to reach the set filling time (user The filling time can be adjusted according to whether the water in the water bottle is filled, and the filling operation of the equipment is stopped after passing through a time relay control in the electric control box, and the gland work can be carried out to perform the gland work.

3, gland

Push the filled water bottle to the gland position, place the cap on the water bottle by hand, and press the gland lever until the cap is pressed. At this time, the cleaning, filling, and capping cycle of one bottle is completed.

Maintenance and maintenance of vat water filling machine

1. Before starting to wash or fill the bottle, please make sure that the water in the tank is full or the inlet valve is open.

2. When overhauling, please turn off the power supply and water supply to avoid the equipment and personal injury of the vat water filling machine.

About the use and maintenance of the vat water filling machine is introduced here, I hope to help you. If you have other questions or needs, please call Qingzhou Zhongzhou Light Industry Machinery Factory. We will answer your questions with enthusiasm and provide you with the right products for you. We look forward to your visit and call!