Three design basis for pure water production equipment
- 2019-05-18-

Pure water production equipment should be designed according to the actual needs of customers and China's standard specifications related to the industry, to provide customers with excellent process water solutions.

Design basis for pure water production equipment

In the design process of pure water production equipment, the three basis of water production flow, water quality and water quality are the basic design basis. The influent water quality of the system design conditions is the water quality of the pretreatment system. Not only the composition index of the water body should meet the requirements of the system, but also the insoluble salt saturation of the system feed water can be increased due to the added scale inhibitor and dispersant. . The specific contents of the design of the three categories of pure water production equipment are as follows.

1. Water production flow:

The hourly cubic meter value is used to characterize the system's water production flow requirements, and the individual system's water production flow requirements vary with the season.

2, water quality:

Including total salt content, fluorine and boron plasma content and PH value and many other indicators. The general pure water preparation system mainly depends on the total salt content (mg/L) index, and the pH or ion content requirements can be combined with the front and back processes of the membrane system. There is generally no seasonal difference in water quality requirements.

3. Influent water quality:

It can be further divided into five categories: water temperature, total salt content, insoluble salt content, non-salt pollutants and water source types. The influent water quality of the natural water body as the water source will change with the season, and the influent water quality with the process drainage as the water source may have a higher frequency of change and a higher variation range.

The inorganic component index of the system influent mainly includes the total salt content and the saturation of each insoluble salt. The inorganic salt is the object of removal of the pure water production equipment system, and the threat of saturated precipitation of the insoluble salts in the feed/concentrated water flow channel constitutes a limitation condition of the system recovery rate. The scaling tendency of insoluble salts such as sulfates and silicates in the system is characterized by its saturation index, and the scaling tendency of sulfate is characterized by the Langmuir index.

Since the salt permeability and water permeability of the membrane element have a positive temperature coefficient, the system inlet water temperature seriously affects the performance of the membrane system. Since the solubility of the insoluble salts of carbonic acid has a positive temperature system, the solubility of the insoluble salts of sulfuric acid and the insoluble salts of silicic acid has a negative temperature coefficient, and the influent temperature also seriously affects the operating conditions of systems such as insoluble salt saturation. Therefore, the system inlet water temperature is called an important parameter of the system design.

The stable process design not only guarantees the normal application of pure water production equipment, but also improves the working performance of the equipment, which can save customers a lot of cost and promote the development of the industry.