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What causes the water supply pressure of the pure water equipment to be abnormal and odor?
- 2019-05-18-

Pure water equipment always has more or less problems during operation. What is the cause of excessive or too low water pressure in pure water equipment?

1. The reason for the high water supply pressure of pure water equipment may be:

(1) The high pressure pump outlet door is not properly adjusted.

(2) Blockage of the pipe from the high pressure pump to the reverse osmosis unit.

(3) The concentrated water regulating door is closed too tight or blocked, and the concentrated water discharge flow is small.

(4) The recovery rate is too low.

2. The reason for the low water supply pressure of pure water equipment may be:

(1) The feed water flow rate is not appropriate.

(2) System leakage.

(3) The water pressure at the inlet of the high pressure pump is insufficient or the pump is leaking or leaking.

(4) Precision filtration å Filter element fouling.

(5) The high pressure pump is faulty.

So how do you solve these problems?

If the pressure of the pure water equipment is too high, the water valve, pipeline blockage, and concentrated water adjustment should be checked in time. When the water pressure of the purified water equipment is too low, you need to check the above conditions, check the water flow, check for water leakage, check the filter element of the precision filter, check the high pressure pump, and check the fault one by one.

In order to ensure the operation stability of the pure water equipment and the service life of the equipment, in the daily operation process, we must observe more, record more, and keep in touch with the water treatment equipment company in time. If problems are encountered, we should promptly check and solve them to avoid Equipment failure causes unnecessary losses.

Nowadays, the utilization rate of pure water equipment is getting higher and higher. However, many people still encounter some problems when using pure water equipment. So today, Xiaobian will tell you about the use of pure water equipment after a period of time. The reason for the odor is answered.

The main reasons for the smell of pure water equipment are:

1. There is bacteria in the pure water equipment. After purchasing pure water equipment for a long time, do not pay attention to disinfection and cleaning, or long-term placement is not used, the bacteria in the pure water equipment will multiply, the water will naturally produce odor, and special attention should be paid in summer. Summer is a peak season for bacterial reproduction, and the higher the temperature, the faster the bacteria multiply.

2, activated carbon has failed, activated carbon failure is one of the important problems causing the smell of pure water, activated carbon filter is the main system for the adsorption of raw water odor in the whole pure water equipment, so once the activated carbon fails, pure water equipment naturally produces water There will be odors, so we need to rinse and replace the activated carbon filter regularly.

3. The material of the pure water equipment is unqualified.

In the face of such a situation, it is recommended that you regularly look for practitioners to sterilize pure water equipment to keep the water fresh and clean, and to obtain a more standard water source.