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Reasons and principles for the need to periodically replace the filter element in pure water equipment
- 2019-05-18-

With the development of the times, pure water equipment has been widely used. There are many problems during long-term use, and the filter element needs to be replaced regularly. Below Qingzhou Zhongzhou Light Industry Machinery Factory, the reason why the pure water equipment needs to be replaced regularly, I hope to help you.

1. If the filter element is clogged, the amount of water will be reduced, and the filtration effect will be worse. As a result, the human body will absorb harmful impurities in the water;

Second, the primary filter plug is blocked, many large impurities will enter the secondary filter, which will lead to high load of pure water equipment, resulting in shorter service life;

Third, after using the filter for a period of time, it will be blocked by impurities, and the efficiency will be reduced, which will affect the pure water equipment and the health of people;

Fourth, the higher the frequency of use of pure water equipment, the higher the frequency of filter replacement. If the filter element reaches the saturation point and is not replaced in time, it will cause secondary pollution of the water.

5. The filter with higher quality has a longer service life, but because the manufacturer simplifies the production of the filter element in order to obtain more profits, the quality of the filter element on the market is uneven, so pay more attention to the replacement of the filter element.

The good water purification effect of pure water equipment brings convenience to life and is universally recognized. With the advancement of technology, pure water equipment is not only used in life, but also in the fields of chemical industry, medical treatment, planting, drinking, food, breeding, and beverages.

Principle and process of pure water equipment:

Pure water equipment consists of a pretreatment system, a reverse osmosis system, a cleaning system, and an electrical control system.

The pretreatment system mainly reduces the pollution index of raw water and other impurities such as residual chlorine, so that the raw water reaches the water inflow requirement of the reverse osmosis system. The pretreatment system mainly includes the original water pump, the dosing device, the quartz sand filter, the activated carbon filter, For precision filters, etc., users need to purchase according to the specific conditions of raw water.

The reverse osmosis system of pure water equipment mainly removes impurities in the water, so that the effluent water quality can meet the needs of users. The reverse osmosis system is mainly composed of a multi-stage high-pressure pump, a reverse osmosis membrane element, a membrane shell (pressure vessel), a support, and the like.

When the sewage index of the reverse osmosis system cannot meet the requirements, the reverse osmosis system needs to be cleaned by the cleaning system of the pure water equipment to restore its effect. The cleaning system consists mainly of a cleaning water tank, a washing water pump and a precision filter.

The pure water equipment electrical control system is used to control the normal operation of the entire reverse osmosis system. Includes dashboards, control panels, electrical protection, electrical control cabinets, and more.