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The status quo of pure water production equipment in China
- 2019-05-18-

China's water market is a huge market. In fact, this huge water market has transformed from potential to reality. In the past, people did not know about pure water production equipment and pure water machines. Nowadays, due to the impact of environmental pollution, people are beginning to notice the importance of water quality, and consumers' water use concept is undergoing fundamental changes.

First, the status quo of pure water production equipment

Pure water production equipment consists of a variety of process equipment, involving many basic materials, accessories and basic industrial products such as motors, pumps, etc. Its overall equipment level is also a microcosm of China's product level, the current characteristics of the industry equipment are as follows:

1. High-tech products such as reverse osmosis membrane, pressure shell and high pressure pump have been widely used in the world. Market competition does not only occur between foreign products, but also between Chinese products.

2, the main domestic supporting equipment represented by ultrafiltration, electrodialysis, fine filtration, microfiltration, etc., steadily occupy most of the Chinese market with its advantages of performance, quality and price, which greatly shows the long-term investment in science and technology in China. The role of the unremitting efforts of enterprises in the process of developing national industries.

3. The overall quality and efficiency of the main equipment such as reverse osmosis membranes in the complete equipment are generally improved.

4. It is common to pay attention to the main desalination equipment and neglect the pretreatment in the domestic complete sets of equipment. This phenomenon also greatly reduces the overall design and operation level of the pure water production equipment, thus affecting the investment efficiency of the overall equipment.

5. China's pure water production equipment manufacturers have a tendency to over-competition in the middle and low-end equipment market, and generally lack the production and installation and debugging capabilities of world-class pure water production equipment. Therefore, Chinese enterprises are inferior to foreign water treatment peers in many large-scale projects with high levels of domestic territory, and it is more difficult to develop overseas markets.