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What is the use of mineral water equipment?
- 2019-05-18-

Mineral water equipment is not as complicated as imagined. Mineral water equipment is relatively simple, and the effluent water quality is also very stable. It is relatively small due to changes in raw water quality and does not produce secondary pollutants. It is a green and efficient equipment. .

Mineral water

Ultrafiltration technology is applied to the production of mineral water. In the design of mineral water equipment, according to the water quality analysis report of mineral water source, the pore size and type of membrane were selected in a targeted manner, and ultrafiltration design was carried out.

2. Food

Ultrafiltration technology is increasingly used in the production of dairy products, juices, wines and condiments, such as protein and low molecular weight lactose from water in milk or whey, clarification and degerming of juices, coloured proteins, polysaccharides and other colloids in wine. Removal of impurities, etc., the removal of bacteria in soy sauce and vinegar shows advantages such as economy, stability, and high quality compared with traditional methods.

3. Medicine

In the pharmaceutical and biochemical production, it is often necessary to separate and purify the heat sensitive substance, and the ultrafiltration technology shows its great advantages. The use of ultrafiltration to separate and concentrate biological actives (such as enzymes, viruses, nucleic acids, special proteins, etc.) is a suitable drug for extracting from plants and plants (such as alkaloids, hormones, etc.), and the extracts often have macromolecules or Solid materials, most of the time can be separated by ultrafiltration, so that the quality of the product is improved.

4. Pure water, ultrapure water

Primary purification of industrial water, preparation of RO pretreatment with pure water and ultrapure water, terminal treatment of pure water and ultrapure water.

5. Environmental protection

Deep treatment of industrial wastewater, urban water reuse system, electrophoretic paint, oil recovery.

6. Fermentation

Separation and purification of biochemical fermentation broth, enrichment and refining of enzymes, clarification and filtration of sugar and xylitol.

Through the above detailed introduction, we can see that the mineral water equipment has a high degree of automation in the application process, which can realize the automatic operation of the system, thereby greatly reducing the labor intensity and operating cost, and effectively improving the economic benefits of the enterprise, while the mineral spring The water quality of water equipment is relatively good, which can guarantee the safety of drinking water.