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How to operate mineral water equipment?
- 2019-05-18-

The development of China's mineral water industry is in full swing. More and more mineral water plants have introduced mineral water equipment to produce high-quality mineral water. However, many mineral water plant workers have not been trained and do not know how to operate mineral water equipment. Let's take a look at the following small series.

Manual operation procedure

Regardless of the operating procedures of the equipment, the mineral water equipment is even more so. If you are using manual operation, you need to pay attention to two problems. One is the fault, and the other is the equipment debugging problem. The manual operation procedure of the equipment must first turn on the power, then turn off the air switch on the equipment host. The power indicator lights up to prove that the equipment is starting. status.

Second, check that the valve including the raw water inlet valve is fully open. Open the water inlet device inlet switch to operate with the inlet solenoid valve and the original water valve. After 5 seconds, the water switch is turned on, the high pressure pump is started, and after 3 seconds, the secondary water switch is turned on to start the secondary high pressure pump.

2. Automatic operation procedure

In order to save costs in the production process, modern companies recommend using more automated equipment. The automatic operation of the mineral water equipment is to first turn on the power and then check the valve switch. The water purifying device can be automatically turned on and the device is automatically operated, and the degree of intelligence is high. Start the original water pump of the equipment, so that the raw water enters the pretreatment system, and the water is automatically turned on when the water reaches the low water level to realize the automatic operation function of the equipment.

Mineral water equipment has high removal rate for removing macromolecular organic matter, metal oxides, suspended solids, bacteria and colloids in water, and the treatment process is physical separation, no phase change occurs, which not only saves energy but also does not produce Secondary pollutants, mineral water equipment operation management is relatively simple, and operating costs are low. It is a cost-effective water treatment equipment.

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