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Daily operation record of reverse osmosis pure water equipment
- 2019-05-18-

The reverse osmosis pure water equipment is simple in operation, high in operation efficiency, and saves manpower and the like. However, some problems inevitably arise in the daily operation of the reverse osmosis equipment. In order to increase the service life of reverse osmosis equipment, operators must have certain maintenance skills. It is important to document the daily data of reverse osmosis pure water equipment.

The daily operation records of reverse osmosis pure water equipment include:

1, start the record

The performance characteristics of the RO device shall be recorded from the outset. The start-up report shall include a complete description of the reverse osmosis pure water equipment, which may be represented by a flow chart, a device diagram, a RO device and a post-treatment, an initial pretreatment, and an RO. Performance record.

The instrument shall be calibrated and recorded in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

2, RO operation data

RO reverse osmosis pure water equipment belongs to a class of membrane separation technology. It can rely on reverse osmosis membrane to dissolve and separate impurities in water quality under pressure conditions to meet the standards required by people.

The operational data can illustrate the performance of the reverse osmosis system. Data should be collected and recorded throughout the reverse osmosis life. These data, together with periodic water analysis, provide a basis for evaluating the performance of reverse osmosis pure water equipment.

1 flow rate (water and concentrated water flow in each section).

2 pressure (water supply, concentrated water, product water).

3 temperature (water supply).

4 pH (feed water, product water, concentrated water).

5 conductivity / TDS (water supply, product water, water supply per section, product water concentrated water).

6SDI (water supply, 5mm filtered, each section of water, concentrated water).

7 LSI of concentrated water at the end.

8 hours of operation.

9 Occasional conditions (SDI, pH and pressure abnormalities, outages, etc.).

The calibration of the 10 reverse osmosis pure water equipment meter shall be carried out according to the manufacturer's recommended method and cycle, but at least one calibration (calibration) shall be carried out for 3 months.

11 flow pressure, temperature, pH, conductivity, SDI (water supply), once per shift.

12 Each section of water supply, SDI of concentrated water once a week, and analysis of the residue on the filter.

13 TDS for each section of water, concentrated water, and product water is analyzed once a month.

14 chlorine and conductivity once a day.

15 concentrated water (drainage) LSI once a week.

16 reverse osmosis pure water equipment was recorded in the event of an accident.