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Check contents of reverse osmosis pure water equipment before starting up
- 2019-05-18-

The long-term stability of the reverse osmosis pure water equipment system is an important part of the reverse osmosis system. The long-term success of reverse osmosis pure water equipment system depends on the normal operation and maintenance of the system, including the commissioning of the whole system, starting operation and shutdown, cleaning and maintenance, etc., membrane fouling and scale prevention are not only in the pretreatment design. It is important to consider that the correct operation is also critical. At the same time, the record preservation and RO operation parameter daily report are very important. These data can reflect the real operation of the system and are also a reference when corrective measures are taken.

Reverse osmosis pure water equipment before starting inspection:

The initial start-up is usually carried out in time after the filling of the membrane element. After the filling element has been placed in the pressure vessel, the entire pre-treatment section must be confirmed to operate according to the specifications before opening the RO unit.

When starting up for the first time, the pre-processing system and the RO unit must check the following:

a, pipeline and pump connection parts of the equipment need to use corrosion-resistant materials;

b. Pipeline and reverse osmosis pure water equipment must meet the design pressure;

c. The media filter has been backwashed and cleaned, and the water output index reaches the design RO water inlet index;

d. The safety filter in front of the high pressure pump must be rinsed clean and free of oil;

e. Clean and rinse the injection line including the RO water supply joint before connecting the high pressure vessel;

f. Inject the chemical at the appropriate dosing point as required and mix it properly;

g, equipment and calibration of appropriate instruments (pressure gauges, thermometers, PH meters, conductivity meters, etc.);

h, the pump is ready for operation (lubrication, flexible rotation);

i. The pressure vessel is firmly assembled on the RO bracket;

j, RO membrane device should avoid bad temperature (such as freezing, direct sunlight, heating outlets, etc.);

k. Check whether the pipelines are connected according to the process, whether the electrical circuit is complete, and whether the wiring is stable;

l, the permeate line is open;

m. Adjust the inlet valve or bypass of the RO membrane system of the reverse osmosis pure water equipment to control the influent flow rate to be less than 50% of the operating influent flow rate.