Pure water filling equipment

Pure water filling equipment

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Only when the pure water filling equipment is guaranteed will the people's drinking water be guaranteed. In order to protect people's drinking water, it is necessary to understand the use of this equipment.

I. Technical analysis of pure water filling equipment

This equipment can rinse, fill and seal some non-aerated beverages such as pure water and mineral water. It meets the standard in design, has novel appearance, full function, and is very convenient in operation. It adopts automatic equipment technology, which saves money and labor. The filling speed is fast and the liquid level is controlled stably. It can guarantee that it will not work when there is no bottle, and avoid the occurrence of work accidents. When the cover is closed, it can be guaranteed that no bottle is not blocked, and the strength of the cover is moderate, so that the standard is not damaged and the sealing is tight.

Second, equipment considerations

We should pay attention to the problems when using the filling equipment. Here we will make a brief introduction for everyone. The choice of the filling position of the filling machine will generally choose a place with good ventilation and less dust. Moreover, objects in the vicinity should be kept at a certain distance to allow the equipment to be well ventilated. In the aspect of power supply is very important, you should choose the socket of the grounding AC power supply, check whether the power plug and the socket are in good contact when preparing for work, otherwise it will easily damage the filling machine. When designing the pipe corner, it should not be too small, otherwise it will affect the flow and accuracy. In order to ensure accuracy, the liquid level of the raw material tank should not be too different.

Only when the correct operation method of the pure water filling equipment is mastered, there will be no unnecessary problems. The purchase of equipment from Qingzhou Zhongzhou Light Industry Machinery Factory has certain guarantees in the later use consultation.

CGF-three-in-one small bottle water filling machinery

This equipment is used for the production of non-gas beverages such as juice, tea beverage, mineral water and pure water in polyester bottles. It can be used for rinsing, filling and capping on one machine; it can be cold in the case of replacing some parts. Hot filling.

Introducing Japanese and Italian technology, adopting the principle of pressure type fixed liquid surface filling, filling speed is fast, liquid level control is stable, no dripping phenomenon; spring type flushing pliers hand, empty bottle automatically rotates 180° with track, high flushing efficiency . The magnetic torque type capping head is used to realize the function of gripping and screwing. The screw cap force is steplessly adjustable, and has the function of constant force and anti-rotation sealing and capping, and does not hurt the cover, and the sealing is strict; the whole machine adopts PLC computer program control and human-machine interface touch screen button, and has automatic liquid level control in the material cylinder. No bottle, no filling, no bottle, no cover, etc., and does not hurt the cover, the sealing is tight.

Configuration and technical performance parameters

1, production capacity: 6000 bottles / hour

2, the number of bottles washed: 18

3, the number of filling head: 18

4, the number of caps: 6

5, automatic capping machine: 1

6, air delivery device: a set

7, the total power: 5KW

8, the total quality: 3500kg

9, rinse water: 600L / H

10, dimensions: 2450 × 1800 × 2200