Bulk water filling machine

Bulk water filling machine

Product Details

The vat water filling machine is suitable for small pure water and mineral water plant 5 gallon large bucket of pure water, mineral water bottle filling work (can also be used for other liquid filling), one station washing bottle, one station filling , a station gland. It has the advantages of small footprint and simple operation.

Bulk water filling machine

1, wash the bottle

First fill the cleaning water tank with water, insert the cleaning water bottle into the washing bottle position, press the washing bottle start switch, the device will automatically start the bottle washing work, and reach the set cleaning time (the user can adjust the cleaning time according to the water bottle pollution situation, After the electric control box is controlled by a time relay, the equipment cleaning work is stopped, and the filling station can be put into the filling work.

Note: When the cleaning water bottle reaches more than 60 or the water in the water tank is dirty, please replace the cleaning water in the water tank in time.

2, filling

Push the cleaned water bottle to the filling position by hand, confirm that the filling inlet valve has been opened, press the washing bottle start switch, and the filling machine will automatically start the filling work to reach the set filling time (the user can press the water bottle) Whether the internal water is filled to adjust the filling time, after the time is controlled by a time relay in the electric control box, the filling operation of the equipment is stopped, and the gland work can be carried out to perform the gland work.

3, gland

Push the filled water bottle to the gland position, place the cap on the water bottle by hand, and press the gland lever until the cap is pressed. At this time, the cleaning, filling, and capping cycle of one bottle is completed.

Maintenance and maintenance of vat water filling machine

1. Before starting to wash or fill the bottle, please make sure that the water in the tank is full or the inlet valve is open.

2. When repairing, please turn off the power and water source to avoid filling machine and personal injury.

Overview of automatic production line for bottled water:

The QGF series bottled water filling production line draws on the excellent technical performance and advantages of the filling equipment. It has the features of full function, small scale, low investment and high automation. The production line is a fully automatic filling machine for 5 gallons of bottled water. Equipment; suitable for non-steam filling production equipment such as mineral water and pure water. The production line realizes automatic online capping, automatic washing of barrels, automatic reversal into the flushing and sealing mainframe, automatic completion of raw water pre-flushing, syrup soda water, disinfection and rinsing, circulating water washing, water washing, automatic filling, Hanging cover gland cover, rubber cap heat shrinking, bagging, etc.; realize integrated and closed management, and achieve aseptic filling production; the line equipment is compact in structure, high in work efficiency and stable, sensitive in action, and automatic High, it is a three-in-one automatic barrel filling production equipment.

(The picture is for reference only, subject to the actual product)

Automatic barreled water filling production line design process: (600 barrels / hour)

2 meters into the barrel conveyor line → automatic capping machine → 3 meters conveyor line → 4 station automatic brush barrel machine → 4 meters conveyor line and automatic barrel device → empty barrel light inspection → washing and filling one host → 4 meters of finished water Conveyor line → finished water inspection platform → finished lamp inspection → automatic capping machine → rubber cap heat shrinking machine → automatic bagging machine → product water transportation → finished product warehouse