Bulk water filling equipment

Bulk water filling equipment

Product Details

QGF-450 large bucket water filling equipment is an important equipment for barreled water production line; the machine panel, chassis, circulating water tank, medicine washing box, etc. are all selected from 304 stainless steel sheet by wire drawing process, corrosion resistant, novel design and beautiful appearance; The whole machine medicine flushing, circulating water washing, aseptic water washing and filling pump are all selected from the brand company stainless steel water pump; the equipment is compact in structure, using electric and gas phase with fully automatic control operation, which greatly increases the stability of working operation; The main machine is equipped with alkaline water washing, circulating water washing, outer barrel wall washing, chemical liquid disinfection and washing, water washing, plug-in filling, cover, hanging cover and gland. It is easy to operate and stable in operation. The ideal filling production equipment for manufacturers.

1. There are 11 procedures in the main machine flushing process: the first lane, the second lane: the alkaline water circulation flushing; the third lane, the fourth lane: the recycled circulating water flushing (the eighth lane, the 9th lane recycling water); the fifth lane: the outer flushing 6th, 7th, 8th, 8th: syrup disinfection cycle; 9th, 10th, 11th (or drop control): rinse with sterile water;

2, the main technical parameters

1) Model: QGF-450

2) Production capacity: 450 barrels / hour

3) Number of filling heads: 3

4) Filling capacity: 5 gallons / 18.9L

5) barrel size specification: Ф56×Ф270×490mm

6) Power supply: three-phase four-wire, 50HZ

7) Host power: 4.8KW

8) Air source pressure: 0.5-0.8Mpa

9) Dimensions: 4600 × 2700 × 1800mm (length × width × height)

2, 450 barrels / hour bottled water automatic production line

The QGF series bottled water filling production line draws on the technical performance and advantages of the filling equipment. It has the features of full function, small scale, low investment and high degree of automation.

The production line is a fully automatic filling machinery for 5 gallons of bottled water; it is suitable for non-steam filling production equipment such as mineral water and pure water. The production line realizes automatic online capping, automatic washing of barrels, automatic reversal into the flushing and sealing mainframe, automatic completion of raw water pre-flushing, syrup disinfection and washing, circulating water washing, water washing, automatic filling and hanging cover pressure. Cap sealing, rubber cap heat shrinking (manual cap), bucket (manual bagging), etc.; realize integrated and closed management, and achieve aseptic filling production; the line equipment is compact in structure, high in work efficiency and stable. The action is sensitive and correct, and the degree of automation is high. It is a fully automatic barrel filling production equipment for machine trinity.

QGF-450 bottled water automatic filling production line design process:

2 meters into the barrel conveyor line → automatic capping machine → 3 meters conveyor line → automatic brush barrel machine → 3 meters conveyor line and automatic bucket device → empty barrel light inspection → 450 type washing and sealing integrated host → 4 meters of finished water delivery Line→Finished water inspection platform→finished lamp inspection→plastic cap heat shrinking machine (manual jacket)→automatic bucket machine (manual bagging)→finished warehouse