Pure water treatment equipment

Pure water treatment equipment

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Pure water treatment equipment application range

The reverse osmosis separation technology separates solute and solvent (such as water) in the absence of phase change at normal temperature, and is therefore suitable for separation and concentration of heat sensitive sharp substances. The process has no influence on the material components, can improve the effective component content and storage stability, and has long service life of the membrane component; the whole process is simple, the operation and maintenance are easy, and the equipment occupies less space; it is a novel, efficient and energy-saving membrane. Separation technology.

Since the reverse osmosis membrane has a small pore diameter (only about 10 angstroms), it is possible to well remove dissolved salts, colloids, microorganisms, heavy metal ions, organic substances, heat sources, viruses, bacteria, and the like in water. Therefore, the equipment is widely used in power plant boiler water, medical injection water, drinking water purification, seawater, brackish water desalination, medicine, chemical, food and other industries, water and wastewater treatment, etc. In addition, we use extracts effective The ingredients are concentrated.

Pure water treatment equipment performance characteristics

The system uses a reverse osmosis membrane, high efficiency, low noise high pressure pump and accurate instrumentation and other components combined into a single reverse osmosis system. The whole reverse osmosis system has PLC control, which controls the start and stop of the high pressure pump, automatic high and low pressure, protection and automatic quick flushing. It has the characteristics of compact structure, low operating cost and simple operation.

Application range:

Preparation of drinking water: urban drinking water treatment, rural, factory and mining enterprises, quality water supply project

Water for food and beverage industry: juice drinks, alcoholic dairy products, health products, fruit and vegetable processing, etc.

Water for textile printing and dyeing industry: printing and dyeing water, looms, etc.

Water for medical and pharmaceutical industries: Chinese medicine drinks, oral liquid, large infusion, medical preparations, etc.

Desalination of seawater salt water: ocean fishing, freshwater recharge of offshore drilling, desalination of saline and alkali water

Boiler recharge cycle cooling: boiler softened water treatment, central air conditioning water-cooled air conditioning circulating cooling water

Aquaculture industry water: aquaculture, flower farming

Reverse osmosis (pure water) membrane element water inlet conditions:

Inlet pressure: 0.15-0.30Mpa

Water temperature: 5 ° C - 45 ° C (strict anti-freeze)

PH range: 4-9

Hardness: 17mg/L (calculated as CaCO3)

Turbidity: SDI<>

Total dissolved solids content: TDS<350mg>

Iron: <>

Free chlorine: not detected

Manganese: <0.05mg>

Organic matter: <1mg>

Pure water treatment equipment process:

Submersible pump → original pool → source pump → mechanical filter → activated carbon adsorber → scale inhibition dosing system → precision filter → plate ultrafiltration unit → high pressure pump → reverse osmosis device → membrane element drug washing system → sterilization equipment → finished product Water tank → water point