Pure water production equipment

Pure water production equipment

Product Details

The process of pure water production equipment adopts reverse osmosis technology. The principle of water production is that under the action of pressure, the solute in the solution is separated by the selective retention of the semipermeable membrane which only allows water molecules to pass through and does not allow other substances to permeate. Solvent separation. According to the separation performance of the RO membrane, the dissolved salts, colloids, organic matter, bacteria, microorganisms and the like in the raw water can be well filtered, and the advantages of low energy consumption, novel process, and convenient operation and maintenance are obtained.

The pure water production equipment is a solution separation device driven by the pressure difference on both sides of the membrane based on the principle of mechanical screening. The pressure is usually from 0.2 MPa to 0.6 MPa and the pore size is from 1 nm to 0.1 μm. It can be widely used for separation, concentration and purification of substances. The ultrafiltration process has no phase change and no normal temperature operation. Suitable for the separation of heat sensitive substances. Has good temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and oxidation resistance. It can be used continuously for a long time under the conditions of 60C and pH 2-11.

Pure water production equipment product advantages

1. Reverse osmosis through membrane design software and field operation experience.

2. The ultrafiltration device can remove the heat source material in water well.

3, with UV UV disinfection device to prevent the impact of bacteria on water quality.

4. The pipeline cleaning adopts ozone sterilizer combined with gas-liquid mixing, and the cleaning is very clean.

5. The equipment is made of stainless steel and equipped with a liquid level controller.

6. Equipped with original water tank and intermediate water tank to prevent the equipment from being affected by the unstable pressure of tap water.

7. Adopt foreign low-pressure reverse osmosis membrane, high salt rejection rate, long service life, stable operation and low energy consumption.

8. The reverse osmosis system is controlled by a fully automatic mode. The main components of the pure water production equipment use foreign parts, high stability and easy operation.

Application range:

Commercial drinking water preparation: pure water, mineral water, soda water, mountain spring water, etc.

Preparation of drinking water: living quarters, villages, office buildings, factories and mines, quality water supply projects

Water for food and beverage industry: juice drinks, alcoholic dairy products, health products, fruit and vegetable processing, etc.

Water for textile printing and dyeing industry: printing and dyeing water, looms, etc.

Water for medical and pharmaceutical industries: Chinese medicine drinks, oral liquid, large infusion, medical preparations, etc.

Ultra-pure water in the electronics industry: electrolytic capacitors, transistors, picture tubes, integrated circuits, etc.

Chemical industry water: chemical analysis, solvent reagents, biological products, daily cosmetics

Desalination of seawater salt water: ocean fishing, freshwater recharge of offshore drilling, desalination of saline and alkali water

Boiler recharge cycle cooling: boiler softened water treatment, central air conditioning water-cooled air conditioning circulating cooling water

Aquaculture industry water: aquaculture, flower farming

Reverse osmosis membrane element water inlet conditions:

Inlet pressure: 0.15-0.30Mpa

Water temperature: 5 ° C - 45 ° C (strict anti-freeze)

PH range: 4-9

Hardness: 17mg/L (calculated as CaCO3)

Turbidity: SDI<>

Total dissolved solids content: TDS<350mg>

Iron: <>

Free chlorine: not detected

Manganese: <0.05mg>

Organic matter: <1mg>

Process design of pure water production equipment:

Original water tank → source water pump → quartz sand filter → activated carbon adsorber → metering dosing device → security filter → high pressure pump → reverse osmosis device → finished water tank