Mineral water equipment

Mineral water equipment

Product Details

Ultrafiltration membrane separation technology of mineral water equipment, pure physical filtration with high precision, separation, purification, concentration and purification of the original solution at room temperature and low pressure; effective removal of sediment, rust, bacteria, colloid, algae, polymer in water Harmful substances such as organic substances. Retains beneficial minerals and trace elements in the water.

Mineral water equipment is widely used in the purification and sterilization of drinking water and mineral water industries, clarification and concentration sterilization in the wine and food and beverage industries, and the treatment and application of domestic sewage and industrial wastewater.

Mineral water classification

1. According to the main types of mineral water characteristics are divided into:

Metasilicate mineral water, barium mineral water, zinc (zinc supplement products, zinc supplementation information) mineral water, lithium mineral water, selenium mineral water, bromine mineral water, iodine mineral water, carbonate mineral water, salt mineral water.

2. Mineralization naming

Mineralization refers to the total amount of ions, molecules and compounds contained in a unit volume.

Salinity <500 mg/l="" is="" low,="" 500-1500="" mg/l="" is="" medium,="" and="">1500 mg/L is high. The mineralization degree <1000mg is="" light="" mineral="" water,="" and="">1000mg/l is salt water.

3. Mineral water pH classification

The pH is called ph, which is the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration in water, ie ph=-1g[h+]. It is a representative value of pH.

Mineral water equipment process:

Raw water → raw water pressure pump → multi-media filter → activated carbon filter → fine filter → ultra-filtration (mineral water) host → clean water tank → sterilization device (ozone or ultraviolet light) → water point

Flow chart:

Mineral water equipment process:

Raw water → raw water tank → raw water pressurizing pump → multi-media filter → activated carbon adsorber → precision filter → hollow fiber ultrafiltration (spring water) host → membrane component drug washing device → sterilization device (ultraviolet light) → finished water tank → filling production line