Mountain spring water equipment

Mountain spring water equipment

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In the development process of the mountain spring water equipment industry in China, the mineral water plant has achieved certain results through the introduction of technology and digestion technology. Among them, the spring water equipment has achieved good results in the market, and also has advantages in product advantages and technology. Great progress, in order to further understand this knowledge, please follow the small series to see what the equipment design principles are.

The reverse osmosis used in mountain spring water equipment is a mature desalination technology, which can work by using the selective permeability principle of anion-cation exchange membrane. Under the selective ion exchange membrane component, an external electric field is applied, resulting in directional migration of ions in water. While the cation moves toward the negative electrode and the anion moves toward the positive electrode. At the same time, when the ions reach the surface of the selectively permeable membrane, the ions in the fresh water side can be transferred to the concentrated water side and the concentrated water can be drained, and the purpose of desalination can be achieved.

The equipment design principle is here for you today and I hope to help you. Therefore, under such a background, China's mineral water treatment industry strives to improve production technology, continuously improve product competitiveness, and work hard on product advantages and design, and finally independently develops mature spring water equipment, which not only fills the gap in China. It can promote the substantial progress of China's mineral water production equipment technology, and it is expected to change the unfavorable situation of China's mineral water equipment industry backward technology, occupy competitive advantage and ensure the long-term stable operation of equipment.

Mountain spring water production process:

Raw water → raw water tank → raw water pressurizing pump → multi-media filter → activated carbon adsorber → precision filter → hollow fiber ultrafiltration (spring water) host → membrane component drug washing device → sterilization device (ultraviolet light) → finished water tank → filling production line